We are not just reserved sellers, we strive to be good consultants and real partners for our clients. Welding is the field where there is much to explore and improve. We jointly consult all the options that the partner has and after that, we make a pWPS welding procedure design. At the same time, we take part in the WPQR designing. The highest impact is on the material surfaces innovation area, hard-surfacing but also on joining and renovation of materials difficult to weld. We not only consult individual welding procedure designs with our “mother” company Certilas, but also test in its test rooms and laboratories.

In CEWELD SK we follow the slogan:
„We enjoy the welding“, we use CEWELD additional welding materials.

Packing matters

Very often we can hear that not packing, but the content is important. To a certain extent we have to agree, but there are products where packing plays a very important role.
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Aqua Force LC

The Netherlands, similarly as other countries covered by the sea, has a relatively well developed marine industry. The construction and mainly the reconstruction of ships often require the usage of welding technologies under water.
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Electrode 7018-1

The electrode 7018-1 is one of the most favourite and used electrode at repairs and mounting as well as at simple household welding activities.
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Croni 29/9 S

There is a general principle in welding that any additional material should be as similar to the original material as possible.
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