About Us

These fast times have brought many new technologies, many options we never dreamed about before. We have the possibility to buy anything, after all the Internet offers limitless possibilities, but unfortunately very often we do not even know what we are buying. We are professionals in almost any field, after all everything is online.

In our company we strive to have a direct contact with our partners. As exclusive importer of CEWELD additional welding materials that we import to the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic from a Dutch company Certilas, we endeavour to be helpful and to look for the best solution possible for our partners. The selection of the right additional material is the basis for a successful making of a welded construction, therefore, we try to choose truly the right one with regard had to all the criteria and circumstances influencing the accomplishment of the particular order. During visits at our partner´s sites we mutually share our knowledge and try to simplify work whereby we eventually make it cheaper.

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We commonly consult any options that the partner has, and after that we make a pWPS welding procedure design for him. At the same time we participate in creating WPQR. The highest impact is on the material surfaces innovation area, hard-surfacing but also on joining and renovation of materials difficult to weld. We not only consult individual welding procedure designs with our “mother” company Certilas, but also test in test rooms and laboratories. We are not just reserved sellers, we strive to be good consultants and real partners for our clients.

Welding is the field where there is much to explore and improve. In CEWELD SK we follow the slogan: „We enjoy welding“, we use CEWELD additional welding materials.