Electrode 7018-1

The electrode 7018-1 is one of the most favourite and used electrode at repairs and mounting as well as at simple household welding activities.

Ceweld 7018-1 is a basic, low-hydrogen electrode with especially good welding and excellent mechanical properties. Welders like to use it thanks to its operative properties, simple and repeated arch ignition and very nice weld design. The electrode mechanical properties enable its wide range of usage starting with simple and ending with difficult welded constructions. It is generally known that basic electrodes are very sensitive to humidity which does not apply to this electrode. Humidity resistance is ensured not only by the low level of hydrogen, but also by the practical metal can and vack pack packing.

It guarantees high-integrity welds and best plastic properties from all the types of electrodes. Its characteristic feature is the high tenacity of weld at standard temperature, but also in minus temperatures. The weld metal resistance against hot cracklability is on a high level. Thanks to its composition it can be used in almost any position exclusive of the PG position. The excellent operative properties of the electrode make it the most selling electrode and especially favourite is in the construction industry.

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