Packing matters

Very often we can hear that not packing, but the content is important. To a certain extent we have to agree, but there are products where packing plays a very important role. It applies also in case of coated electrodes. It is generally known that electrodes are very sensitive to humidity, not to mention the basic ones. During long storage in cartoon packing even long drying was not much of a help when getting rid of humidity.

While continuous coated electrodes quality improvement, Certilas focused on their packing as well and it was worth it. CEWELD electrodes are the only ones on the market that are packaged in special metal tubes. Those hermetically sealable thin metal cans are coated with a special material from the inside that absorbs humidity and thereby protects electrodes even during long storage. Compared to the paper packing, the can protects electrodes even against open fire. The metal tubes are made of 100% recyclable material, so after usage they can be thrown away with typical metal scrap.

It was not so long ago when so-called Vack Packs appeared on the market that were to protect electrodes best. They were successful to certain extent, but once opened, the humidity increases by as much as 40%. The packing is at the same time very soft and protect electrodes little when transported or manipulated otherwise. In Certilas they went even further. Along with the cans mentioned above, our electrodes are supplied in the new „Ultra Dry III“ packing. It is a vacuum packing consisting of multi-layer hardened nylon foil that protects not only against humidity, but also against mechanical damage. These packing contain 0.7 to 0.8 kg of perfectly dried electrodes from the entire CEWELD offer.

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