Aqua Force LC

The Netherlands, similarly as other countries covered by the sea, has a relatively well developed marine industry. The construction and mainly the reconstruction of ships often require the usage of welding technologies under water. This issue is also dealt with by Certilas, the producer of CEWELD additional welding materials. The under-water welding technology was developed in the last century and the electrodes used so far were characterised by a so-called dry packing mainly consisting of the SiO2, TiO2, MnO, CaO, Al2O3, FeO mixture.

Our CEWELD Aqua Force LC electrode is the first basic electrode based on so-called „hydrophobic sand“ guarantying maximum resistance against humidity. Higher level of basicity helps decrease the oxygen content in weld metal and improves its ductility and strength. Compared to the classic electrodes, it has reduced carbon content by as much as 70% and is typical for high stability of arch while a welder feels like he welded in typical workroom conditions.

In September 2017 we had a work meeting in Certilas and together with representatives of companies dealing with ship production, we had the chance to try this electrode and of course, we tested it under water.

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