Croni 29/9 S

There is a general principle in welding that any additional material should be as similar to the original material as possible. It is an ideal situation if we know the basis, requirements for the given weld, and after that it is important to add an adequate additional welding material and to make the welding joint.

In practice we often experience the situation that the material which is to be welded, is unknown. Unless we have a chemical composition analyser available and the old, but already tried methods of material origin detection are not sufficient, we get into a tight corner. We come to a so-called trial-and-error welding.

When I started with selling Ceweld additional welding materials, one of my first questions to my colleagues at Certilas was what to do when the original material is unknown. The answer was: Use the Ceweld Croni 29/9 S electrode. You won´t spoil anything with it. I have to admit that at that moment, I was not convinced, but the colleagues´ advice was confirmed by my practical experiences.

The Ceweld Croni 29/9 S electrode is some of a universal product for joining unknown materials, metals of different composition and is often used as a transition layer. It is especially preferred in construction industry and agriculture. It is used as a transition before hard-surfacing of cemented carbides, but also for mutual joints, mainly in older machines. Its composition and mechanical properties prove its wide range of usage. It proved to be especially good as a transitional layer when welding cutting machines in the construction industry, agriculture and when welding ploughs.

Welders´ favourite is Croni 29/9 S and it is almost a habit for our partners that even when using various types of Ceweld additional materials, they have one lying in snug, because we never know what live will bring.

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