AA 2209 P

FCAW Flux-Cored wires
Rutile fluxcored wire for welding duplex stainless steels
Duplex stainless steels in chemical industry such as offshore, tubing, vessel, boilers etc..
Smooth drop transfer and stable arc with no spatter losses. High productivity and weldabillity, better wetting properties compared to solid wires. Ductile weld metal quality and X-ray soundness with easy slag removal and ferrite level between 30 and 50 (FN). Excellent for use in position and down hand welding. Excellent against pitting and stress corrosion. The PREN above 35 weldmetal offers outstanding resistance against pitting.
  • AWS:A 5.22: E 2209 T1-4
    A 5.22: E 2209 T1-1
  • EN ISO:17633-A: T 22 9 3 N L P M 1
    17633-B: TS 2209-FB0
  • DIN: W.Nr1.4462
  • DIN:8556: 22 9 3 L