4430 Ti Fall

SMAW Stick electrodes
Rutile basic electrode for welding stainless steels in all positions
The electrode is suitable for welding corrosion-resistant Cr-Ni-Mo steels with extremely low C-content at working temperatures up to 350° C.
The weld deposit is scale-resistant up to approx. 800°C in normal atmosphere and oxidizing gases. The weld deposit is capable of taking a high polish. 4430Ti Fall is designed to weld in vertical down position (PG) and offers a fast freezing slag that makes it also very wel suited for vertical up (PF) position.
  • AWS:A 5.4: E 316L-17
  • EN ISO:3581-A: E 19 12 3 L R 11
  • DIN: W.Nr1.4430
  • DIN:8556: E19 12 3 LR 13