FeNi 60 N

Электрод с покрытием
Special coated electrode for welding cast iron with high tensile strength.
FeNi 60 N is suitable for welding grey and malleable cast iron, equally suitable for SG iron. Use this type in case a high tensile strength is required or because of his non conductive coating to weld in difficult welding positions where coating contact is unavoidable with the base metal.
FeNi 60 N has a few benefits compare to other “FeNi” types because of improvements, such as: weldable with very low current, non conductive coating and a powerful arc at very low amps. Preheating is normally done to slow down the cooling speed, in case you can not control the cooling speed it is better to keep the work peace at a low temperature during welding and hammer immediately after welding.
  • AWS:A 5.15: E NiFe-C1
  • EN ISO:1071: EC NiCu-1
  • DIN:1736: E NiFe-1-BG 23