310 Mo

Электрод с покрытием
Heat resistant (modified) stainless steel alloy for SMAW
Ceweld 310Mo electrodes are primarily intended for welding the clad side of 316, 316L and 317 clad steels as well as other grades of molybdenum bearing stainless steels. Ceweld 310Mo electrodes are used for the resurfacing of digesters in the paper industry
Ceweld 310Mo is a rutile basic electrode similar to Ceweld 4842 Ti but with molybdenum added for improved high temperature creep properties. The weld deposit is fully austenitic and corrosion resistant.
  • AWS:A 5.4: E 310 Mo-16
  • EN ISO:3581-A: E 25 20 3 R 12
  • DIN: W.Nr1.4466
  • DIN:8556: E 25 22 2 NLB