4440 AC

Электрод с покрытием
Rutile basic Austenitic, non magnetic stainless steel electrode
For welding stabilized and un-stabilized CrNiMo(N) type of steels with high corrosion resistance. Also suitable for dissimilar welds between steel and stainless steel or dissimilar stainless steels. Mainly used in chemical, paper and cotton industry.
High mechanical properties and excellent weldabillity, corrosion resistance is better than AISI 316 due to the high Mo. content. Suitable for use up to 400°C. The weld deposit is non magnetic.
  • AWS:A 5.4: E 317L-17
  • EN ISO:3581-A: E 18 16 5 N L R 12
  • DIN: W.Nr1.4440
  • DIN:8556: E9-UM-300-CKR